DuWayne (duwayne) wrote in longislandwitch,

Beltane in the Park

Today was awesome! I went to "Beltane in the Park" which was held at Wantagh Park. I would guestimate that there were probably around 200 different people who showed up with a number of vendors, an open circle, a May Pole celebration and a nice pot luck feast.

The highlight of my day though was participating in the drum circle. It has been about a year since I had last drummed and that was at a campout in Vermont and before that it would have been another year. This time I am NOT going to wait that long. I met an awsome lady named Tracy who leads some drum circles and hooked me up with her web page http://www.circlebeat.com which gives information on a number of drum circles on the island! I now have plans for Saturday nights going forward!!!

I also heard of a church in Sayville that has circles and am looking forward to checking that out before month's end.

Life is good!
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