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I've got what it takes and he knows how to use it.

What you want to go by (magickal or not): Starr
Age: 19
Location: Center Moriches, NY
When and how you became interested in the Craft: I have no idea how. I can remember myself as a child making "potions" and doing things like that. I really started to study when I was about fourteen years old, just before high school. I slipped out for a while, and recently began picking up books and taking notes.
Path you follow: I don't follow any specific path yet, I'm still studying and searching.
Gods/goddesses you worship: I've researched Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'd say my favourite under that line is Nephthys.
Anything else you'd like to say: I'm the maintainer here. In case you didn't read the info page thoroughly, if there is a problem, you can either reply to a post in my journal, e-mail me at, or im me at XxFallenXStarr.
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